07 – IT Support


This unit consists of three parts:

Anki Web Version

Please complete all parts. You may stop between the parts and resume at any moment in time.

We have also added the vocabulary as an ANKI file. Anki is a flash card learning software for all computer platforms an online. The software can be found in the mobile stores or on the website here. The online version is called AnkiWeb an can be found here. The deck for this class can be downloaded here. You are encouraged to try this app on your system. It is easy to use and can help you with any other content and vocabulary as well.


Please learn the vocabulary. (You will need a browser like Chrome. The program uses speech recognition and your microphone as input.) 


Please study the following lesson. You can put the lesson in full screen mode by clicking on the sign on the bottom right.


This lesson finishes with a small writing exercise. Please apply the grammar you have learned and complete the following essay: