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KBS interview and 3D

The world broadcasting program of KBS made an interview about the german professor Alaric Hamacher, Subjects are Korea, Stereo 3D and live and culture in…

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wp-publications example

[wp-publications bib=sample.bib all=1] gives: [wp-publications bib=sample.bib all=1]

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Shotcut Tutorial

This is a small introduction to the open source editing software Shotcut.

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The Hero’s Journey

The following exercise trains students to remember to correct order of the storytelling theory by Christopher Vogler.

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3D Lab Timeline

This page shows a short overview of some activities of the members of the 3D from beginning 2000 until today.

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Camera NX5 Tutorial

Basic introduction to the features and operating principles of the camera Sony NX5.

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Korean Flag

Small demonstration for the usage of blur filters. Users can operate the slider to see the difference between two images.

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Hologram Tutorial

This movie shows step by step the production of a real hologram. The movie is interactive and contains questions about the making process.

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