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3D Masterclass at Busan Film Festival

During the Busan Short Film Festival (BISFF) Alaric Hamacher was invited to give a 3D Masterclass to Korean and International Film students. For two days…

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Welcome to Digital Cinema and Innovation

My name is Alaric Hamacher and I am an enthusiast for digital cinema and new media technologies. My passion is for 3D movies, and new…

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Best Hologram Award 2021

Philippe Gentet, Yves Gentet and Alaric Hamacher were honored with the Award for Best Display or Emerging Technology Application of Holography 2021. A Chimera full-color…

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Squid Game Lecture

Topic of the History of Future Class from Nov 11. the concerned message of “Squid Game” and how to deal with fake news. Unlike during…

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4K UHDTV 3D Movie Production

2021.09.25 Busan. In cooperation with the Korean national research institute ETRI, principal photography took place in the famous beach area of Haeundae in Busan. Alaric…

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Hacksaeng.net online

The domain hacksaeng.net is online. The Site allows students to follow and practice the exercises of the lessons of “Convergent Contents Seminar” and “Convergent CRM…

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Welcome to Convergent Contents

The new class of Convergent Contents welcomes the students of the graduate school. You can access the server on https://hacksaeng.net with your individual accounts.

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Welcome to new Students

warm welcome to the new students of the class of History of Future and Innovation. You will be able to use this website for additional…

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3D Cinema Masterclass at Busan BISFF

Busan 2021.04.26. To extend the scope of the Busan International Short Film Festival, Alaric Hamacher offered a Masterclass for film students. The new media workshop…

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KBS interview and 3D

The world broadcasting program of KBS made an interview about the german professor Alaric Hamacher, Subjects are Korea, Stereo 3D and live and culture in…

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